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Online storage for Linux

I was looking for an online storage:

  • Which can work on Linux (on my Fedora 9 laptop)
  • Using which backing up files is quick – as easy as drag-n-drop or copy-n-paste (else I will be lazy to back up)
  • Free
  • Atleast a GB of space (if not more)


  • To be able to access the files from anywhere
  • To be able access the files using my laptop, home desktop and office desktop running Windows/Linux
  • Offline access to files (for those rare occasions when I’m not connected to the Internet)

I checked out Xdrive, Adrive, Gmail Drive and Live Mesh but none of these fit my mandatory requirements. Xdrive and Live Mesh are Windows only. Adrive’s WebDav access is paid. Gmail Drive (tried using fuse-gmailfs on Fedora) was erratic.

The solution that worked for me was Dropbox – 2 GB free space, works on Linux and drag-n-drop online storage. Dropbox is also available for Windows and Mac OS, besides Linux Read the rest of this entry »

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