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Apple Music: How to turn off Auto-Renewal

Updated my iPad to iOS 8.4 to try out Apple Music. I’m quite excited about the 3 months FREE! trial. Once iOS got updated, I clicked on Music.

I ignored almost all the prompts, skipped reading the messages and agreed to the terms without reading (surprise!), to get Apple Music up and running asap. While AirPlaying the album Roja to my Linux server (via Shairport), I suddenly started to worry about “what will happen after the free trial?”.

My credit card is already setup against my Apple ID. Did I opt to disable auto-renew, somewhere, after clicking on Music? I wasn’t sure.  After some fiddling around, I found the option to disable auto renewal of Apple Music subscription after the 3 months trial period, as follows:

After launching the Music app,

  • Click on the user icon (top left). On the popup titled “Account”, click on “View Apple ID”.
  • If prompted for a password, enter the password against your Apple ID.
  • On the next screen, click on Manage under SUBSCRIPTIONS.
  • On the window titled “Apple Music Membership”, click on the slider for “Auto Renewal”  to turn it off.
  • On the popup which prompts “Turn Off Auto-Renewal?”, select Turn Off
  • This will gray out the RENEWAL OPTIONS for Individual and Family
  • Click on Done (top right) on the popups, till you go back to the Music app
Apple Music: How to turn off Auto-Renewal

Apple Music: How to turn off Auto-Renewal

In case, you like the Apple Music service and decide to subscribe to it:

  • Follow the previous steps, till you reach the popup “Apple Music Membership”
  • Click on the grayed out price against Individual or Family
  • This will turn it to a green icon labeled SUBSCRIBE
  • Click on SUBSCRIBE
  • On the subsequent popup titled CONFIRM SUBSCRIPTION, click on Confirm
  • Click on Done (top right) on the popups, till you go back to the Music app

I will update this blog post after 3 months, if I’m still charged for Apple Music, after all I did’t read the Terms 😉 Or I will update this blog post, if I subscribe to Apple Music after the trial period.
Update (October 2, 2015):

  • Noticed tonight, the three months subscription expired and Apple Music prompted me to join and buy individual or family subscription. I wasn’t charged anything during these three months
  • Also, I opted for individual subscription by paying Rs. 120 and the auto renewal option is now on. So I subscribed for it after the trial period 🙂
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  1. Apple Music trial subscription ended, paid for individual subscription and updated my blog post http://t.co/BA4ZhZM0k3

    Posted by shekharg | October 2, 2015, 10:09 pm

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