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Install Fedora 14 Linux without a monitor (headless), keyboard and CD/DVD

As I tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/shekharg/status/30986928094453760 sometime back, I bought a new desktop for my home. This desktop (my home server) is with 16GB of RAM and with no monitor. For the monitor, I thought of hooking it up to my TV via a VGA port (a.k.a. RGB port). The machine has a DVD writer and I also bought a keyboard for Rs. 160.

I required the TV, keyboard and DVD drive only for the one time installation of the operating system. Post the installation, I access the machine only across the network – via SSH (Secure SHell) or a web browser.

But I decided against the easy way of installation using my TV and keyboard. Instead, I challenged myself to install Fedora 14 without using a monitor, keyboard/mouse and DVD drive on the server. Read the rest of this entry »

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