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Buzz my posts, Yahoo!

Now you can Yahoo Buzz my Blog posts.

So what is Yahoo Buzz ? It is similar to Digg. More the Buzzes on a story (a web article or blog post), more is the story popular. The first buzz (clicking on the Yahoo Buzz icon) on a web page adds that web page to the Yahoo Buzz’s list. Subsequent, buzzes increases its popularity ranking.

But Yahoo Buzz had been there for while, then what’s the big buzz about it now ? Earlier Yahoo Buzz was accepting buzzes (i.e. accepting URLs) only for selected (by Yahoo) websites. Now it is open to any website, including this Blog 🙂

When you click on one of my blog posts to view the full  post, you will find an icon “Share/Save” (at the bottom of the post, but before the comments). By clicking on that icon you can add my blog posts to Digg, Delicious, Google Bookmarks etc.

This icon shows up on my Blog posts because I’m using a WordPress plugin called Add to Any. This plugin uses the Add to Any service which allows a Web article (like a Blog post) to be added/submitted to various social bookmarking sites. The cool about this plugin is the list of social bookmarking sites are updated very frequently and this list automatically updates on my Blog – without requiring any change in the plugin code and without the need to update the plugin. The Yahoo Buzz was opened to all web sites on 18th, “Add to Any” incorprated it on 19th and I noticed it yesterday (on 20th).

Happy Buzzing 🙂

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2 comments for “Buzz my posts, Yahoo!”

  1. Cool…this is a nifty plugin. Was able to set it up for my blog too. Thanks for letting me know!

    Posted by Sharat Jain | August 21, 2008, 4:23 pm
  2. Thanks for the great post… I am looking to create a wordpress blog. I will try this plugin.

    Posted by Ferry | January 8, 2009, 12:12 am

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