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WordPress upgrade made easy, very easy

Have been always thinking (and procrastinating) about upgrading this blog – based on WordPress 2.5 to 2.6 (the latest as of this writing).

The thinking turned into a quick action (finally) with this wonderful plugin called WordPress Automatic Upgrade. Noticed this plugin in my WordPress’s dashboard – under Plugin, Most Popular.

  1. Downloaded and extracted the zip file.
  2. Copied the resulting directory (wordpress-automatic-upgrade) under WordPress’s plugin directory (wp-content/plugins.
  3. Activated the plugin through the WordPress’s admin panel.
  4. Clicked on Manage>Automatic Upgrade
  5. Followed the onscreen wizard “almost blindly”.

And voila! I’m now running 2.6. It took not more than a couple of minutes. I said “almost blindly” because I was dozing off to sleep while upgrading. That is, my blog was updated from my bed ;-). Hence, WordPress upgrade made easy, very easy.

Update: Updated this Blog to WordPress 2.6.1 from 2.6.0 using this plugin.

Update (Oct 24, 2008):Today updated successfully to 2.6.3. Awaiting Wordpess 2.7 (ETA: November 10) which has drastic changes and updates. Will the Automatic Upgrade plugin still do its magic ?

Update (Nov 24, 2008):Today updated successfully to 2.6.5 – which fixes a security issue and a few bugs

Update (Dec 12, 2008):Today updated successfully to 2.7 – a version upgrade (as opposed to a mere release upgrade). WordPress Automatic Upgrade rocks. I doubted it for an upgrade to 2.7 (as said during the Oct 24 upgrade, above). But I’m proved wrong (fortunately). Following is the view of the new dashboard and UI of WordPress 2.7.

Wordpress 2.7 Dashboard

Wordpress 2.7 Dashboard

Note: After upgrade to 2.7, the “Email This Post” and “Print This Post” links on my blog stopped working with custom URLs (permalinks) These two features are given by the plugins named WP-Print and WP-Email. I fixed these plugins as per the instructions here. However, i guess, upgrading to the latest version of these plugins (via http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-print/ and http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-email/) may also fix the issue.

Bottom line: Go for “WordPress Automatic Upgrade” to upgrade your WordPress to 2.7.

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